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Dr. KWOK Gin Wai, Gerry

MBBS (HK), MRCP (UK), FHKCP (Med Onc), FHKAM (Med)

Honorary Clinical Tutor (HKU)

Associated Consultant (QMH)


Dr. Kwok completed oncology and internal medicine specialty training at Queen Mary Hospital under the guidance of Prof. Kwong and Dr. Yau. He has a keen interest in clinical and translational cancer research, with a focus on HCC, biliary cancers, melanoma, and soft tissue sarcomas. He has focused on promoting melanoma and sarcoma care in recent years and participates regularly in joint multidisciplinary meetings. His recent research involves biomarker work in early HCC and melanoma, as well as trials involving immunological aspects of COVID19. On a day to day basis, he provides cancer and medical service to patients under the Department of Medicine.

Five Most Representative Publications

1) Kwok G, Loong F, Wong CS, Leung RY, Shek TW, Kwong YL.
Macrophage activation syndrome leading to fatality in subcutaneous panniculitis-like T cell lymphoma.
Ann Hematol. 2014;93(5):873-5.
[Citation: 3 ] [IF: 3.08 (JCR 2016)]

2) Kwok G, Kan A, Leung RY, Tam S, Lau CS, Kwong YL.
Pyrexia, massive hepatomegaly, and extreme hyperferritinemia.

Am J Med. 2014;127(6):e13-4.

[Citation: 1 ] [IF: 5.00 (JCR 2014)]

3) Kwok G, Yau TC, Chiu JW, Tse E, Kwong YL.
Pembrolizumab (Keytruda).
Hum Vaccin Immunother. 2016;12(11):2777-89.

[Citation: 95 ] [IF: 2.16 (JCR 2016)]

4) Wong JSL, Kwok GGW, Tang V, Li BCW, Leung R, Chiu J, et al.
Ipilimumab and nivolumab/pembrolizumab in advanced hepatocellular carcinoma refractory to prior immune checkpoint inhibitors.
Journal for immunotherapy of cancer.2021;9(2):e001945.

[Citation: 4 ] [IF: 13.75 (JCR 2020)]

5) Kwok GW, Leung RC-Y, Chiu J, Tang V, Yau TC.
A phase II study of capecitabine, oxaliplatin and irinotecan (XELOXIRI) as salvage therapy in patients with refractory metastatic colorectal cancer. (Abstract)

Journal of Clinical Oncology. 2017;35(15_suppl):e15049-e.

[Citation: - ] [IF: 26.36 (JCR 2017)]

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