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Battling cancer can be physically and mentally exhausting for both patients and caregivers; therefore, being able to receive quality healthcare and support from professional oncologists and nurses is crucial. At Queen Mary Hospital (QMH), the Division of Medical Oncology (MO) strives to provide the most suitable systemic  treatment for patients who are diagnosed with advanced cancer. In order to aid patients physically and financially, we also offer patients opportunities to participate in clinical trials. 

About Us

Professional Medical Team

Medical Oncology comprises professional oncologists and research staff members, excelling themselves to provide high-standard clinical services and perform world-leading clinical research studies on novel therapies.

Ongoing Clinical Research

Along with the regular clinical services provided in Queen Mary Hospital, the University is running clinical trials in hopes of developing new medications for current incurable diseases, safeguarding the community health.

Clinical Services

Regular clinical services are provided from Monday to Friday in Queen Mary Hospital, treating patients mainly with breast, liver and gastrointestinal cancer through non-surgical therapies.

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